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Educational Institutions and Marketing

b) There are limitations of using Marketing by educational establishments, especially in formal education. c) There is a limited knowledge of marketing by the Educational Institutions and their proper application. d) There is a difference between marketing a minimum, balanced marketing and commercial marketing. e) There are different cultural structures in the educational institutions, history and purpose. Patricks purpose is open to suggestions. f) It is necessary assessment and organizational management decisions within the framework of ethics. g) It is necessary that managers understand the need for training in marketing and management (management) education. h) You must understand that today the Educational Institution in its structure should incorporate marketing as a process and appoint a service area of the community.

We know that the educational community is a delicate balance of inter-subjectivity (unstable), therefore, marketing decisions should be carefully evaluated as alternatives under an ethical, social impact will be aim to satisfy human needs within a process improvement continuous and above all to preserve the values of the individual, operating and center of everything including education. Some contend that patrick dwyer new edge shows great expertise in this. The general theory of marketing ethics in the Journal of Macromarketing, Spring, 1986. Finally not to forget that the most effective advertising is word of mouth that comes from the same community educational, social and community environment in which it is embedded and generated by the same competition and therefore should not be left to chance leave all controllable variables that are available to educational institutions and make the shape of your image and shape finished with their tender. The trajectory, confidence and positive image of a school is built over the years and can be destroyed in an instant, not losing sight micro and macro, on the immediate, tiny and the possible scenarios to come, if we suffer from myopia not only lose sight of the enormous potential that can be open to future, but we can lose the correct direction of our institution. But do not despair marketing is our ally and optical lens can give us right to our own situation and needs.

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