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Management Coaching

Coaching as a management tool involves two key figures: the coach and coachee. Thus the goal Management Coaching strategic competence is the activity carried out by a manager or executive (coach, guide, leader), to guide or lead to an employee (coachee, guided) a to a place or a goal each agreed, using specialized media a strategies or the coach manages to achieve lead to coachee at the agreed (or situation that is mutually achieved. In coaching we can then associate with the activities to achieve progress and shifting of the coachee towards the desired situation. Patrick dwyer newedge is actively involved in the matter. The level of coaching success is measured both by the level at which progress is achieved or desired displacement, and by the degree of support "of this feed-in time: the stages of development and sustainability depend on both the coach and the (os) coachee (s). The executive or manager, to become in coach-requires management to acquire expertise in those areas that beyond its technical and managerial skills will empower and coach business in a context of human groups transformational leadership: leadership that is human systems shaped by human beings, cultural and emotional interrelated by multiple and complex conversational networks – verbal and nonverbal, which seek to achieve individual and collective goals. Hence the manager to act as coach-in a context of transformational leadership, not just increase their skills purely linguistic or cognitive-necessarily perfect, but requires well-mastered skills, emotional and body to provide it to him-and-reach groups by situations of optimal individual performance, group and organizational levels, leading to the achievement of high levels of prosperity and happiness.

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