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Ordinance on mandatory labeling of products containing GMOs in excess of 0.9 percent, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted in August 2007. Laboratory to detect genetically modified organisms, products must be in each area. Where are they? By the way, studies have shown that rats fed food with GMOs, lost the ability to reproduce. Experts advise: if in doubt as a product, ask the seller and hygienic conclusion accompanying documents. If products without documentation, it would most likely not passed the examination. Just do not buy products if there is no information about it in Ukrainian. This means that it is not checked, and it can be dangerous to use. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Robert Kiyosaki. But imported products with GMOs in Ukraine – the green light.

In contrast to neighboring countries in Europe, where this process is strictly controlled by state authorities. Use are based on genetic Modified origin is prohibited in baby food for babies under the age of 3 years. In food products for adults permitted gmo content in 0,9%. If this rate is higher on the product label must be that it contains genetically modified organisms. Today the territory of Ukraine banned imports of baby food only, which contains modified organisms. It is worth noting that in European countries over the last year the level of authorized gmo content in products, down from 0,9% to 0,5%, but control does not apply to milk, meat, eggs and cheese, made from animals fed transgenic corn or soybeans. Consequently, the products produced from imported meat, its delivery to large numbers in Ukraine, may contain a threat to the genotype of the Ukrainian nation.

By the way, a professional offense is shortchanging consumers between $ 50 hryvnia. And if ever overcharge of 49 hryvnia, then it will not be a crime! And such calculations for the day, month, year – a lot! It is easy to calculate the turnover in the region and the resulting hryvnia 'fat' unfair, to say the producers and sellers. What to say about the dominance of Chinese consumer goods market: bad toys, 'single' appliances! The bad news is that power itself is attached to the destruction of domestic producers as 'kickbacks' from granting of permits for importation of imported goods higher. to the fact that it became more profitable to import buckwheat, potatoes, sugar, meat and other foods that Ukraine fed the former Soviet Union and some Europe! Practically not been involved in addressing those concerns the power structures, the deputies of all levels, although the obligation to protect their constituents. No legislative initiative does not change the laws that would better protect consumers. That and the introduction of the law on combating corruption postponed from January to April this year. To change the situation, needs the cooperation of authorities and public organizations, while simplifying procedure for verification of complaints of citizens, to provide more opportunities for community organizations to protect the rights of consumers and, as a civilized western neighbors, to ensure government support for their activities. In Europe's system of state aid works for decades. I am confident that with this approach Ukraine to join the developed countries of Europe, where the rating of non-governmental organizations to protect consumer rights, exceeds ratings of power and political organizations. With the support of qualified legal assistance if you purchased defective goods or receive poor service, refer to specialists.

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The Union Members Of The Housing Market

Today in Russia, the active transformation in hmc are a necessity. The rate of change in regulations is justified huge size of our country and other factors inherent characteristics development of our state. For example, the housing reform was launched back in 1997, but the necessary changes outlined in the planned period, were not implemented. Already by 2004, society has changed, appeared proprietary goals set by the legislation rules were at a crossroads: on the worldwide global parameters reform was late at least 10 years. Accordingly, the legal framework for housing reform has long lagged behind the consumer. Consider the market mechanisms for the implementation of legal ways to control houses. Usually, if a house has no owner, all emergencies will regulate local government. Learn more at: Ben Silbermann. For the state or municipalities such way to control costs more than the rest. If the management company has a temporary home boss. As a result, over time, the manager will deal only with profit-making, usually with indifference treated the problem of finding funds for capital repairs, cosmetic repairs after a few years. For local officials such control method will be beneficial only as an opportunity to "pull" money, as housing oversight bodies and the heads of Governors housing organizations will be periodically swapped for mutual benefit. But in the end, the State will again decide the pending impossibly task – search owner of the house and help him a huge infusion of capital repairs. Such a method of management of apartment houses (the MCD) – this is just the transfer of minor difficulties in managing companies – so that through a few years back to delve into the already aggravated the problem.

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Civil Code Contract

The nature of this treaty is very controversial. On the one hand, the law does not restrictions on the provisional sale and purchase of an object such as apartments to be built. However, on the other hand, the essential condition of the sale and purchase agreement (as well as pre-purchase agreement) is subject, in our case – an apartment. And since some very important properties of an apartment to determine from the preliminary purchase agreement can not be (due to the fact that the apartment had not yet built) – for example, the exact area, the exact room apartment – it turns out that the condition is not agreed on the subject of the basic contract, and pre-sale agreement is not concluded, even if it is signed by the parties. Wells Fargo: the source for more info. 3. Contract of sale flats.

Model similar to the previous page. Used by pik. One of the most risky for the developer models. In accordance with the Civil Code, a contract of sale apartments comes into force upon its state registration. And as the apartment at the time of signing such a treaty has not yet been constructed, then carry out state registration of such contract in the organs of the Fed is not possible. Hence, the sales contract is concluded, even if money paid by him, and the apartment – actually populated. 4. Contract assigning the rights to the individual. Seldom used, but is extremely dangerous from the standpoint of compliance with the law (only for those blocks of flats, building permits are received after April 1, 2005).

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Loan Contracts

Written Opinion of the bank to change the terms of the loan agreement shall contain the authorized signature and seal of the bank. According to Part 2 of Art. 207 of the Civil Code, provided that The agreement, which commits an entity, signed by persons authorized by its founding documents, power of attorney, law or other acts of civil legislation, and sealed. Given that the Bank has thousands of customers, who in a short time were sent a similar message, there are reasonable grounds to believe that all these letters, including messages addressed to the client, signed personally to the Chairman of the Board Bank. On this basis, the client during the trial of the case may require an appropriate examination to confirm the signing of a letter appropriate person. If the court is satisfied application client, the Bank will be very difficult to arrange for such examination. In addition, the Bank of written notice should contain the imprint of a wet print of the bank. Otherwise, the consumer disposes possible to identify the message sender, and hence the adoption of new terms for a loan.

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