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Labor Law Employment

Netherlands labor legislation is complex and, in some parts is very different from other legal systems. In particular, the position of the employee, particularly in respect of dismissal, is protected better than in many other countries. Our company provides a wide range of services to employers on all aspects of employment law. These services include the drafting of all pertinent documentation of employment, Termination and advice on various aspects of labor law in the Netherlands. Determination of an employment contract employment contract consists of three important elements. First, this obligation employee to perform certain activities. A key factor in this regard is that the employee will be connected with a personal commitment by the employer (that is, it must take action independently and can not appoint another in his place without the consent of his employer).

Secondly, the obligation of the employer to pay employee salaries. Third, this relationship authority, under which an employer is entitled to give instructions to the employee that the latter must be followed. If all three elements are present, the relationship between the parties will considered the employment agreement. On the other hand, the absence of any of these items will be an obstacle for the existence of an employment agreement. The form of contract of employment for labor agreements do not require any special form.

Consequently, they may be made orally or in writing. Employment contracts may be concluded for a definite or an indefinite period. Agreement for a specified period, in principle, cease action force of law after that date. The term of the employment contract for a definite period, respectively, fixed in advance. Duration of the agreement, concluded for an indefinite period, with On the other hand, not fixed in advance. Consequently, he does not cease to have effect by force of law, and by prior notice. Party to the employment agreement entered into as a definite and indefinite period, may agree to a probationary period during which either party can decide, without any sanctions against it, not to renew the agreement.

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