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Ministerio City

Trujillo has grown and today appears as historical alloy between a colonial city and a modern city, important events take place in this city, seminarios, congresses and meetings of managers, etc., that bring together hundreds and thousands of visitantes, innumerable tours are organizan so that outsiders know and admire the grandeur Colonial Trujillo. The hotels are always guys to accommodate as much demand. How to not feel Orgullosos! Como being trujillano, won’t be proud the trujillanos! But dejando aside blind localisms, superficial sentimientos talk about the dangerous and deadly lado of the city, hablemos of what our city ofrece and sundry from the punto of view of the medical-surgical emergencies. How many bullets whistling in the air every day?, how many cars collide?, how many assaults occur?, does few bombs explode?, how many kitchens burst and turn on in the body of our mothers and children? and in so many end emergencies occurring daily in Trujillo. The answers are many, and entonces we wonder does this city of eternal spring hermosa what offer?? There are two hospitals in the Ministerio of health (Regional and Bethlehem), a Hospital of the IPSS and two clinics (Peruano-Americana and Sanchez Ferrer). These sites should resolve all emergencies of life or death occurring 24 hours a day in the city; a medical emergencia-tanto or derivada of any accident is an eventualidad that can happen to any own citizen or visitor, rico or pobre, worker or professional, male or female, child or adult; simply to anyone, since we are all without excepcion exposed to these posi-responsibilities. It is then that we are watery and concerned with our relatives to the emergence of cualquiera of these hospitals and is there where begins the dance of death macabra: environments pequenos, old .camillas which no longer roll pueden, beds without sheets, many dirty veCES but what matters, in order to meet our relatives and here follows the bustle.

Running we went out with a recipe to the medicine cabinet of emergencia and we find ourselves with a tail that advances slowly, then give us a Bill to go to pay to box another long tail and back to pharmacy to receive medicine and then Oh!, what a surprise you have to rent a taxi to explore other pharmacies because the hospital they have sold us just the fenalgina and a suerito no more!. After 2 hours without money but with the rest of medicine went back and the patient sigue tended on that cold and old camilla; and listening to the eternal dialogue never ending chiffon! No!, by favor gloves! Still no go! aguaya is finished!, a team of paracentesis or culdocentesi wait a little while (15?). I.e. death dance and dance on the lookout.

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