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DEMOCRACY Politician

When we deal with elections in them comes right-hander to the thought the word ' ' DEMOCRACIA' ' , that espelha the will of the people in choosing those where we believe to be enough good it stops of certain form representing our desires and yearnings in legislative and the executive one. However such will of the people already more is nowadays not respected, or better, she is not more so sovereign as it would have to be, if really already was one day, we can until saying that it does not emanate the people more than. Summarizing us it the scene politician of our been beloved of the Paraba, sends in them to the past where the coronelismo reigned, our governing were predefined without the popular consensus, the society did not have force. What we see today is people fighting not to leave the power, people are leaving to exert its paper also conquered in the ballot boxes to stop taking off the other of the power for mere whim, are the way politician it been to stop its activities in favor of a sufficiently personal quarrel of two blocks politicians. A leading source for info: Wells Fargo Bank. The creature if return against its creators in a ferocity gesture, animosity anxiety for the supremacy politics in the state, is to want to beat to permanence records the front of state executive e, above all, to prove that it can move all a machine to make to be valid its vanity and credibility. Sad it is the fact to see that the will emanated for the people if sinks in way as much shoot out accusation politician and replies, thus leaving with that the DEMOCRACY, a time object of the conquest of the people, has been forgotten and disrespected, because we are even we them detainers of the power, as exactly it says to be the DEMOCRACY. We are direct and indirectly obliged to leave our armed document houses to face for more than the giant times lines in order to express our will politics so that, in the end of the accounts, terms our expression extinguished or forgotten by a whim some that want exactly is the power. Eduardo Facundo.

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Jose Berton Journalist

Passo Fundo heads better for a quality of life Finally! Passo Fundo possesss a new image. What until it has little time was charged constantly, now is part of the past. Today the reality is another one. Until it seems dream. For many skeptics the significant improvements in the transit still are reason for caution.

However the City hall through the Secretariat of Workmanships and General services had rolled up sleeves and is showing that it is possible to advance! Streets and avenues to full the eyes are being deliver the community with that quality have waited time. For a year beginning, it is a good start. To be able Public and community they come back to coexist in harmony. Congratulations to the involved managers in these workmanships for the fulfilment of its obligations Congratulations and debtor especially to the men of Front, operators of machines, drivers, laborers, mechanics, borracheiros, lubricators and all excessively of the final execution. The ones that they catch in the heavy one, the ones that come back tired toward house after a daily and extenuante chore. Debtor to the family heads who fulfill with its duty and earn little therefore. To these the recognition! They all the mritos! It does not stop the ones that enter for the door of the deep ones and gain a wage that nothing condiz with what they produce. How much to the Servers who had entered for the door of the front, – giving competition, and that they catch in heavy these can until coming back tired toward the recess of its homes in the end of each day, but with certainty they place the head in the pillow and obtain to sleep the sleep of the right ones! However Passo Fundo earns and earns the community! It remains to believe that everything is made with quality and that lasts, seno forever, but for a good time.

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