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Memmert TTC Concrete

Schwabach, may 2010 – concrete parts can be tested now in a single experiment without timber from freezing to water storage in the temperature test Cabinet. Except for concrete, only few materials can withstand such loads: 56 times concrete parts have to go through hours alternating baths between 20 C and + 20 C, in order to be classified at the end as frost-resistant. With a tailor-made test Assembly of the company LABOSTRUCT from the Austrian village of Guntram, the Frost thaw resistance in the accredited Versuchsanstalt fur Bautechnik Wiener Neustadt is checked late 2009present more economically and with absolutely standard-compliant temperature gradients in the Memmert TTC temperature test Chamber. LABOSTRUCT developed an experiment which allows to leave the samples during the defrosting phases in a water-filled tub during the entire examination in one place for the Versuchsanstalt fur Bautechnik. A Memmert TTC temperature test chamber received a lateral implementation for Inlet and drain hoses, so that using a circulating pump and a thermostatically controlled water heater the water between storage tank can run constantly to outdoor and indoor bath. “About the programming and logging software Celsius ‘ temperature ramps can be adjusted easily, or stored on smart cards to the repeated and easy retrieval. Additional programmable contacts take over the electronic control of washing operations, i.e. the synchronisation of the rinsing with the Tauphase, as well as the drain before the Frost phase. Particularly important full logging and documentation of the entire audit process, so in addition to the timing also the proof that all temperature ramps comply exactly with the standard was the person responsible for the laboratory. The full report can be found on.

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