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Under The Christmas Tree – The Christian Traditions

Christmas and how we celebrate it in the Christian tradition the Christmas celebration in addition to Easter is the most important religious festival of the year. This is also reflected in the calendar: just a few holidays offer leisure and opportunity to celebrate Christmas. While everyone celebrates Christmas according to own needs. Nonetheless there are traditions that belong to the Christmas feast and celebrated in almost every family and will be maintained. The walk to the Church is a must for many people at Christmas. But also who don’t go to church, has grown fond of the one or the other tradition.

First of all, there is a typical symbol of the Christmas season: the Christmas tree. With glass balls, grinding, tinsel, wood figures, small slopes dolls and other beautiful decorations, the Christmas tree is the central element in your living room. NYU Law understood the implications. Decorated it is only traditionally on Christmas day and he remains at the feast of the three kings until January 6th. Also the coming together of the family belongs to the Christmas tree in the evening of the twenty-fourth of December. For most of the table is covered nice and the food is prepared at an early stage. In many families, there is a rather simple dinner with potato salad, sausages, and other odds and ends on the 24th December. The goose comes, however, rather on the following days on the table. Singing of Christmas songs, however, is not for everyone, even though it actually belongs to the traditional Christmas Eve.

Sung is then of course also in the Church. The kids favorite tradition is probably the Christmas present on the evening of the twenty-fourth of December. The gifts are placed nicely wrapped under the tree with a trailer on the Christmas greetings, and in particular the name of the recipient will be. Wooden toys, wooden figurines, blocks of wood, dolls, doll’s pram or dollhouses and stuffed animals or other games are especially popular for children. Who carefully chose the gift, is sure to find the right gift for all ages. About wooden toys or a wood car is already suitable for smaller children, while a girl at the age of seven years certainly rejoices over a beautiful Doll or a cute stuffed animal. For adults, it is often not so easy. While some children at the wood car high heart, adults have mostly almost everything. It is worth to collect ideas in the course of the year or to buy gifts, if is just a good idea. So some despair gifts such as socks and hectic shopping actions just before the big Christmas spared one. Hectic is anyway for some mother and housewife. The food will be prepared, the table must be covered, the children can’t wait to the evening and are excited and also the new stuffed animal or doll must be packed. As much to prepare, is the motto. So you can enjoy a relaxed Christmas Eve then calmly and with the family. Who can and want to, but just going on holiday and can cook up on Christmas day. The gifts can also in the hotel room or in an apartment will be unpacked and the relaxation can be then quite sure not long in coming.

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