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What Happens with French fries in France

What happens with french fries in Fance? A rather unusual situation is happening in France. As we all know this country is characterized by having the world’s most famous cafes, where brightly decorated with checkered tablecloths and the inevitable bottle of wine. But oh … surprise! the restaurant does not have the usual tablecloth or bottles of red wine. What happens is that rising food prices in the Bistros, has made the French choose other options such as McDonalds, this is the situation that some 3,000 French restaurants have filed for bankruptcy in the first half of two thousand eight the truth is that a burger and fries cost about twice in a bistro, while Mc Donalds to 8 euros, equivalent to about U.S. $ 10.70 a lunch person a cheeseburger and fries.

There are many accusations that it has received McDonalds, for example last year was accused of serving junk food, but the situation seems to be different, because consumers do not think alike, because the fast food chain has increased its revenue this years by 12%, while the fate of the Bistro seemed to be uncertain, which could worsen if people begin to change the succulent dishes of hamburgers and French fries. It is probable that the economic situation in France, is one of the most difficult at this time, coupled with high rates of unemployment and deteriorating housing market, cause credit for new investments are low or almost nil. This is an excellent opportunity for fast food chains achieved growth and catch the attention of consumers, as their prices and offers out to be tantalizing. The trend observed with the Bistro has also performed in other sectors, such is the case of supermarket chains, which have found that consumers are buying unbranded products and discounted, which is why it is worrying that they too can be affected and have to close their doors. Concern grows as with rising unemployment, and high prices in products, because they bring people to stop eating out on the street, and now fewer people eat at restaurants, and when they do not ask as much variety as possible. In the situation described above would have to add the ban on smoking in pubs, this particular situation has also affected business, if we compare that France has established itself as the best market for Mc Donalds, accounting for 13 per percent of total company sales. In situations would be necessary to think how are you prompt and immediate implementation of an effective marketing strategy to make the famous French cafes are again being accepted until recently enjoyed by consumers, whether by offering more attractive products and better prices that can compete with the famous fast-food chain.

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