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The History Of Silver

over the centuries-long recovery and the decline in value in the 20th century, it is one of the most valuable metals in the world – the silver. The discovery of the silver leads far back in the third millennium before Christ. Until today it has not lost its importance as a precious metal. 3000 BC Anatolia 3000 BC here has its origin in the area of modern-day Turkey promoting one of the most valuable metals. Particularly high demand there after silver in the centuries from the Middle East, the region of Crete and Greece. At times it was more valuable than gold. Later the mines at Laurion, where became closer of Athens, the main source of silver.

Up to 1 million ounces of silver were promoted to weddings a year. Also among the Egyptians was the shiny metal, silver Moon metal has been called by the Egyptians. Carthaginians discovered the Spanish Silver European silver was discovered In the first Millennium a.d. and it was followed by an intensive exploitation. After the arrival of the Moors in the Spanish territory is in the rest of Central Europe eagerly searched for silver mines. In the middle ages and the early modern period, silver ore deposits in the Harz in Waldeck-Frankenberg, in the Thuringian forest, Saxony, in the Slovakia were in Germany. Follow others, such as Pinterest, and add to your knowledge base. The beginning exploitation after the discovery of the American continent, the massive gold mining in South America, mainly in Bolivia and Peru by the Spaniards followed in the Americas. Between 1500 and 1800, approximately 85% of the world’s silver production came from Mexico, Bolivia and Peru.

The remaining 15% were funded mainly in Germany, Hungary, Russia, Chile and Japan. Silver loses its value even in the 16th century, Japan was exporter of silver. By offering increased decreased the value of silver in the old world. In contrast to the silver, gold became increasingly important, the value ratio between gold and silver dropped dramatically from 1:14 to 1:100. At the present time, the ratio is approximately 1:60. Mid-19th century silver was strongly competes from the newly invented stainless steel. Due to its Ease of use and low prices stainless steel replaced the silver in many areas such as platters, cutlery and candlesticks. Today’s silver use today will grow silver used in the electrical field, causing the global demand to rise after silver. Despite the centuries-long promotion is silver with a share of about 0.079 still a very rare item, ppm (0,0000079%) occurs in the Earth’s crust. Silver there about 20 times as often as gold, and about 700 times less likely than copper. Even today, of silver held in Peru the lion’s share of the funding. According to latest studies, the range of global silver deposits is only 28 years so that coherent rising silver prices are expected a shortage of silver and. Silver still in the jewelry industry has a crucial meaning. As allergen-free and ideal for manufacturing material silver is highly appreciated still in production by earrings, bracelets and rings. Due to the increasing demand in the electronics sector and the upcoming Scarcity is however expected to continually rising silver prices. Silver jewellery from 925 sterling silver you find in our online shop

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Sunglasses 2011: Round Shapes And Narrow Versions Set The Tone

No summer without sunglasses! The still large glasses perfectly protect from prying eyes and harmful UV light. Berlin, 10.03.2011 (KGS). Round Pantobrillen and prissy Butterfly shapes give a new face to the retro trend. New is the combination of large jars with narrow gold versions. Payoneer shines more light on the discussion. Sporting sunbathers can look forward to strong curved models with continuous glass front, make appetite for motor bike and high speed. : 1 Pantobrillen edgy trend.

Comes around: Pantobrillen are the hit of the summer. Modern interpretations in crystal clear and huge, combinations of plastic and metal to smaller models, which are reminiscent of John Lennon’s trademark – her intellectual touch is wanted. The classic version in dark shades of Havana is an absolute highlight in combination with casual summer outfits. So-called clip ons that make a trendy pair of sunglasses from the panto corrective eyewear with just a few hand movements are super handy. Trend 2: Large glasses, narrow frames, gold comes from old make new.

On the cherished Mega glasses no one must forgo this year. In addition to glasses, which almost faithfully interpret past with striking dark plastic versions, there are many new models, which are reflected the large, tinted, partly curved glasses in factual, narrow versions. Playful lightness convey more Office chic because opulent 50s-style – sleek, flowing lines. Metal versions set the tone here in gold and bright plastic frames in natural and pastel shades. Trend 3: Butterfly shape (butterfly) women and girls who like to play with the trends, will be about the butterfly glasses happy. Worn with a wink, rhinestone-studded models can be just fine to casual looks combined. The factual Lemony variation in classic colours gives the fashionable kick romantic styles. Because here, too, the mix is the motto of BBs is.” Trend 4: Athletic for less past-oriented contemporaries can be found in the collections almost Spacey-looking sunglasses, whose high-tech glasses without recognizable Version come out. Front and bar merge into a kind of visor, nestled around the face. The sporty look is topped by reflective coatings in metallic colours. Gradients provide a dark glare protection at the top of the glass. To the bottom, they become lighter and release so the views of the surroundings.

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Managing Director

Italy-secure fashion cult with visions of the future in the brands4friends shopping Club individual design, eye-catching colors, graphically playful prints and wild cuts this is diesel. The Italian fashion label manages to inspire the fashion world for more than 30 years and shows constantly inventive in terms of answers to questions of the trend. Diesel fashion fuel diesel program is the name and so the moves always at full throttle in the fast lane in the direction of future trend brand. “This explains the motto: diesel for successful living”, because who wears diesel not running behind the trend, but is always casual and perfectly styled at least one step ahead the others. The beginning of an era 1978 suspected young designer Renzo Rosso not yet, how famous his fashion brand diesel, would be one day. Renzo Rosso is the brand, which has now 1,300 employees in 200 company-owned stores until today of the Managing Director. With its brand, he created a cult to bear and revolutionized the jeans industry.

Classic Bluejeans are the absolute Evergreen and remains the diesel Bluejeans. For even more details, read what Payoneer says on the issue. The classic was again improved in decades of experience in terms of styling and washing. Since 1978, the diesel jeans conquered the fashion world and has now penetrated on the catwalks of the pret a-porter shows. Diesel is known not only for ingenious jeans processing, but also diesel sunglasses, underwear, perfume, pendants and belt are now offered in 80 countries with over 5000 points of sale, as well as 270 mono-brand stores. Diesel campaign with visions of the future is known for creativity in style, shape and color, but with the new campaign of the Super label diesel is looking ahead and designed the style of the future.

“With human after all” diesel created a style that is unique. On 25 and 26 July, diesel presents his visions of the future exclusively in the brands4friends shopping Club. More information on the big diesel shopping action, see the blog at. Business contact: is a project of the private sale GmbH John str. 20, D-10117 Berlin Tel.: 030-72619-4827 FAX: 030-72619-2820 E-mail: via the online shopping community is dedicated to each new sales action an exclusive top brand. Participation is reserved only invited members who are informed about the brands4friends newsletter about upcoming promotions and exclusive designer fashion in the online-shop can buy. Limited online shopping campaigns can buy members on clothing and accessories. is a company of private sale GmbH with seat in Berlin. From here, the popular label, fashion insider tips and top brands of current fashion collections exclusively for the exclusive community are offered.

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“King clicks by DefShop” – the series of exclusive video productions of AGGRO-TV sponsored by DefShop DefShop, Europe’s largest online store for urban and streetwear from Berlin, produced together with AGGRO TV, Germany’s most important urban-music video channel, the series “KING clicks by DefShop”. A total of 10 music videos should be rotated until the end of 2013. Thus, DefShop wants to reach a large part of his urban audience. Click PayNet to learn more. The focus of cooperation with artists from the German and especially the Berlin music scene. After that (echo 2012 winner) turned SIDO video “My Jordans”, which is very successfully launched the first video production of the series, with over 3 million views by SPECTER, a second wordy rhyme artist for the upcoming exclusive video shoot is now. The Berlin rapper LIQUIT WALKER will introduce his new video on “KING clicks by DefShop” to the release of his new album “Among the wolves”. Read more from Wells Fargo Bank to gain a more clear picture of the situation. DefShops growing private label DNGRS, as well as other products from the DefShop on-line, ensure that proper styling. Alexander Buchler, CEO of DEFSHOP, explains: “We want to position ourselves as a young Berlin company with authentic artists and high-quality videos in the scene, thank our customers and hope at the same time the urban culture to be able to support a little.”. .

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McGregor 100 Percent Organic Green 2 Collection

Fashion of McGregor and green glossy magazine green. 2 present nature fashion Berlin/Savic, 11.10.2010 – that high class fashion and ecological fashion not excluded, the Anglo-American fashion brand McGregor presents. In a unique collaboration with the Dutch glossy magazine green. 2 for green luxury lifestyle, is the exclusive, 100% organic McGregor Green 2 collection emerged. Both companies believe in a second wave of Green: companies and consumers can invest in a cleaner future without compromising on quality, comfort and lifestyle. From beginning to end McGregor puts in his green. 2 collection for fashion and eco-conscious people on fair trade materials and ecological processing. This starts with the cultivation of raw materials, uses only organic pesticides instead of chemical.

In making environmentally-friendly processes such as the ecological bleach be combined with high-quality processing. Even the Assembly of 100% organic collection of high fashion Designer McGregor takes place in biodegradable packaging. The McGregor Green 2 collection combines sporty lifestyle with green consciousness without comfort to save money. Whether T-Shirts, Polo shirts, sweat shirts, custom-fit shirts in organic Poplin or Cargo Shorts made from 100% organic material: all pieces impress with their ultra-soft feel. Subtle and natural-looking colors such as off-white, grey and sand tones, light pressure patterns underscore the concept of ecological fashion.

McGregor fashion fair is wear Foundation ( and the organic Exchange Organization ( member and produced his collections in accordance with its rules and standards that guarantee decent working conditions and ecologically sustainable process. The next exclusive McGregor Green 2 collection is available from mid November 2010 in the new online shop of high fashion designer under. In the McGregor online shop, all lovers of Anglo-American style and exclusive high quality fashion find current collections of the brand for ladies, men and juniors. From the trendy sportswear line with Rugby up to fashionable cardigans, blazers, Polos, sweaters and blouses for women and an own junior collection. In addition, collection in the McGregor of E-store at is run the business and distinction line for men in the Italian style, as well as an own footwear and accessories.

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