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New Federal Funding

REW Solar AG: AB may may operator of photovoltaic systems with grants expected Dortmund March 2013: may 2013, the solar power storage programme of the Federal Government begins. Through low-interest loans and repayment subsidies for photovoltaic systems with solar power storage, the Government wants to support their establishment and advance the development of the technology. The REW Solar AG has also the better network integration in small photovoltaic systems at a glance. Receive not only low-interest KfW loan, but also a repayment subsidy of the Ministry (BMU) of photovoltaic systems with solar power storage then starting in May. Thus, the State takes over a large part of the solar storage tank costs. Provided that the performance of the system is under 30 kWp. Plants with subsequently installed solar power storage, taken after 31 December 2012 in operation will be subsidized. The REW Solar AG supports this development towards a decentralised energy supply, providing more under Information on promotion of solar power saving”available.

Solar batteries make important contribution to energy security of supply photovoltaic batteries allow solar power systems operators to use more electricity. Depending on the size of the plant that is plus 60%. Feed tips be relieved by 40%. The absorption capacity of the power grids this rises to 66%. The Fraunhofer Institute for solar energy systems (ISE) in a study commissioned by the German solar industry (BSW-solar) Association in order, which was published in January came to that conclusion. The REW Solar AG to the impact on the renewable energy levy even the renewable energy levy is likely to fall through the increased use of solar power save. Because there is a levy surcharge, nor a feed in remuneration for self generated and-verbrauchten power. In addition to the reduction in the compensation, also the feed top discharge has a reducing effect on the renewable energy levy.

REW Solar AG advises to apply for promotion to get benefit from State funding, can at the Bank an application be submitted. The interest rate is aligned with the capital market and will be released on May 1, 2013. About the REW SOLAR AG the REW SOLAR AG is a specialist for the production of crystalline high-performance modules and more efficient power inverter. In addition, the REW offers SOLAR AG together with its installation partners tailor-made solutions for the commercial use of solar power plants. The REW SOLAR AG covers all important areas of photovoltaic wholesale over the plant design to distribution of solar components off. Headquarters of the REW SOLAR AG Germany’s Dortmund, more offices are located in England, Greece and the United States.

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Saxony Doubled Funding

When installing a pellet heating system, refurbishers immediately 5000 euro can collect funds and in future, reduce heating costs up to 50 percent good news for Heizungsmodernisierer in Saxony. The State promotes starting now the installation of pellet heating systems with at least 2,500 euros. Thus, Saxony doubled the funding of the Federal Government. Heating refurbishers receive because even by the Federal Government for the installation of a pellet-fired boiler with buffer memory 2,500 euros, altogether 5,000 promotion. Installing a pellet heating system in Saxony is therefore as cheap as never before.

In addition to promoting double the price advantage of wood pellets compared to oil or gas on record high is. Currently, wood pellets are only about half as expensive as fuel oil and, depending on the region of 30 to 40 percent cheaper than natural gas. Wood pellets help so, significantly reduce heating costs”, says German pellets spokeswoman Claudia Rohr. With the double promotion a modern pellet heating system not once will cost the consumer more than a conventional heating system. German pellets advises therefore, is now rapidly to opt for a conversion. The additional support of Saxony is valid until September 30 this year. According to Saxon Energy Agency (s) the establishment funded by pellet heaters from 5 kW to including 100 kW. Only systems in existing buildings by private individuals as well as small and medium-sized enterprises as well as public facilities are eligible for funding.

Applications must be submitted to the Saxon Development Bank (SAB). Apply wood pellets as a fuel of the future: renewable, CO2-neutral, native, and stable. German operates two plants in Saxony in Torgau and Lobau pellets as Holzpelletproduzent Europe’s largest with a total of 18 plants. From here we provide the rapidly growing markets in Northern Bavaria, Berlin-Brandenburg, Saxony and Saxony”, says spokeswoman Claudia Rohr. Germany wide there are approximately a quarter of a million pellet heaters and stoves, tendency rising. Background: wood pellets are small cylindrical Compacts, which are pressed together from dried sawdust without chemical additives. You are burned in specially designed, modern Pelletzentralheizungen and ovens. Wood pellets are used in power plants for the production of green electricity and district heating.

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English Government

Preservation of capital with green residential real estate as an alternative for environmentally conscious investors once already, the Federal Republic of Germany, France, Spain, the Czech Republic and the Republic of Italy had implemented a high and partially retroactive reduction of the feed-in tariffs or announced, the English Government made known currently on March 23, 2011, equally fiercely want to minimize the feed-in tariffs. As a result, the subsidy for photovoltaic systems from 250 of kW to more than 70% of 29.3 p/kWh on henceforth 8.5 p/kWh to be reduced. The announcement had already impact: planned investments in England were temporarily stopped by individual providers. Christoph Marloh, Managing Director of real estate says about 24, the provider of return on funds for sustainable housing: “notably residential real estate belong to the economically sustainable investment. These are responsible for over 30% of the German energy consumption. Residential real estate have in contrast to Photovoltaic systems not only after 20 years a solid exit perspective, but can be energetically viable to modernize now without substantial subsidies. With energy refurbishments the sustainable residential real estate of return Fund contribute real estate 24, optimal capital preservation benefits for nature, to connect investors and tenants.

“.” For more information about funds: by Christoph Marloh real estate 24. In December 2010, Spain due to the budget deficit had already cut the feed-in tariff for solar electricity retroactively. The administration of the force so far as fully reliable Italy followed on March 3, 2011. Fund providers faced with heavily leveraged products in those States with significant problems. Christoph Marloh, Managing Director of real estate says about 24, the issuer of funds for sustainable housing: “the financial pecking order confirmed countries indebted with stark for the umpteenth time: only PIMCO, then the local heavy industry, then all other investors.

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