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North American

One of the most followed by thousands of investors around the world, is without any doubt the Dow Jones, and this index, it is to be a reference for those who invest their savings in variable income investment funds. The Dow Jones is an index that is calculated from the year 1986 and is composed of 10 stations that supposedly represent the performance of the economy of the country of United States. This index covers multiple industries including I mention financial services, retail, consumer goods, entertainment and technology. Educate yourself with thoughts from JPMorgan Chase. Many investment funds that exist, seek to follow the Dow Jones index variability, since being a reflection of the economic efficiency in the world’s largest economic power, they seek to guide this behavior to predict their future earnings. These funds invest money from that company in the largest North American triple category A companies, so that the final yield obtained, is in dollars.

If you are interested in investing your money in the world’s largest stock exchange, choose an investment fund that follow the behavior of the Dow Jones. In this way, you will have a clear idea of the variability of your investment fund. A. Verastegui original author and source of the article.

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Understanding Pharmaceuticals

Any drug has its own name, under which we know it and that call, asking for the drug at the pharmacy. Its the same we are usually reported and physician. However, it should be understood that it inherently does not reflect the chemical and pharmacological properties of the drug. Any medication, there is one name that says a lot more professional. It’s name – International Nonproprietary Names (INN), under which drug know any doctor in any country in the world.

Usually, an inn is the chemical name drug, but not always, it reflects the formula of the substance. Consider an example. Everybody knows Analgin (though not all, unfortunately, know that it is very harmful). This name comes from the Latin word ‘algos’, which means ‘pain’ and the prefix ‘an-‘, ie ‘no’. It turns out that something like ‘Analgesic’. This so-called ‘Trade name’. But the analgesic effect have thousands of other funds, and in addition Analgin can reduce the temperature and that does not appear on the title.

Yes and so does a lot of people know Latin, that would understand where that name And abroad, no doctor does not understand what was going on speech, if you asked him to write Analgin, because he’s no longer available. Another thing – inn analgin. It sounds like metamizol sodium. Long, incomprehensible, but only for the layman. In any country doctor and the pharmacist will tell you that this harmful drug that is banned for use. A chemist will tell all the chemical name of the drug, which in medical practice is not used, because it is difficult and in fact its not necessary. For the curious – it sounds like this: 1-phenyl-2 ,3-dimethyl-4-metilaminopirazolon-5-N-methanesulfonate of sodium. Metamizol sodium can be produced under various names, or enter into other assets (baralgin, Tsefekon, etc.), but the essence remains the same. Generic name is called because manufacturers receive a patent for the brand name drug. Upon expiration of the patent, any company can start manufacturing the drug (Details – see Generic).

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