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Therefore Passed

If They give you that much I assume its expensive. In addition, you agree to commit, I left with a bitter taste in the mouth. Remember the “windshield assaults that blindside you at stoplights. You jump up the car at high speed, sometimes two, I cleaned the windshield with efficiency. This document is translated, inevitably, give them some money even if reluctantly. And the deaf that gives you a keychain with a note saying that the key ring is yours, but would appreciate anything you gave money. A beautiful woman gives you a rose and smiles.

The smiling accept return and then asks for money for a cause. They invite you to a lobster dinner, completely free. You go and you find it’s a trap, a tactic timeshare industry to commit to them and listen to his speech about sales. No way, because you ate the lobster. They invite you to a golf tournament organized by one of the major car manufacturers. They give you free drinks, gifts, dinner, entertainment. In the midst of the party you speak of brand happy to hear you because they seem to be right.

After 3 days you speak to sell. Was lost long ago in my car and asked directions to a traffic officer. At first I was distrust in appearance professional milieu, but he was busy in solving the problem in detail and enthusiasm gave me was polite, I found a professional. I thanked him and when he was about to leave and asked me: “Hey sir, can I take a ride? I’m also going there.

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