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Marketing Specialists

MBA specialists examined some of the social, situational and psychological concepts to help professionals understand the MBA consumers and their behavior as consumers. It would be wrong to assume that in itself his perception, social class or any of these concepts is sufficient to explain the behavior that occurs in the exchange. In some cases, one or some of these concepts can dominate in a situation of exchange. But more realistic view is that all these concepts interact, and this is manifested in complex, multi personality profiles, Howard Davies, which he uses to sell different brands potato chips Frito-Lay, discussed earlier in this chapter. What may seem a short-term consumer decisions, in fact, is the result of interaction between internal and social factors. Next, we closer look at the decision of a consumer making a purchase decision.

Awareness of the problem. The first step in the decision making process – awareness of the problem. It occurs when the consumer perceives the difference between the actual and the ideal state. You find that the battery in your watch is not working; scales show that during the holidays you score two extra pounds and a very attractive person invites you in Sunday lunch. All these developments pose challenges and require solutions. They lead to different levels of anxiety. Timex, Lean Cuisine and Tommy Hilfiger – they all offer ways to solve these problems. The solution of some problems can be postponed, but Other problems quickly attracted the attention – especially those that reflect a significant gap between the real and the ideal state, and those that affect important internal motivation.

When one realizes that only he used the last razor blade, a certain behavior occurs immediately. The complexity of the decision also affects the process of adoption. Purchase another package of blades Gillette Sensor, stamps, to which you linked for many years, is not the same thing as buying a new PC, which requires consideration of issues such as ease of use, amount of RAM – memory access software security, price, attractive appearance, the processor speed required peripheral equipment, service and warranty. MBA, Marketing Specialists can identify problems that consumers, a study market. Awareness of the problem – the basis of good marketing and, of course, the core of the process of consumer decision-making.

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