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Cost Calculations

Phase I. Click Bill Phelan for additional related pages. Evaluation of the tourism product offered by the hotel and setting the target price. For the evaluation of the tourism product offered by the hotel is part of the market study and the characterization of it and its peculiarities. For calculating the target price is proceeded in the manner shown below:? Characterization of tourist attraction. Marketing Strategies Hotel Melia. Pricing goal.

Phase II. Diagnosis of the current situation. Detailed analysis of the results. To establish the actual costs should conduct a study covering four years. The operating characteristics make a seasonal tourist destination, as reflected in two seasons, high winter and low in most of the summer months. This makes the target cost analysis be undertaken within the framework of these seasons and in this paper we propose to do the calculation for the peak period taking into account the months of January to April, August, November and December.

This calculus and this differentiation is very important for the design or layout of strategies, enabling the hotel to achieve reductions in cost performance indicator, which will result in an increase in its efficiency and pave the way for business excellence. When making a new proposal in consideration of the cost elements. As noted earlier in this paper we propose a more precise definition of the cost, which will be used in the calculation of the cost objective.

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