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Top Russian Trains

"Mad! Almost wish poznati secret that I hid from mortal impenetrable veil of ignorance? Mail, of daring! poznati crave that one mind can comprehend the Ancient? Know that unknown future commensurate with the frailty of your composition … "" Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow, Alexander Radishchev 1790 Material for this article long ago and collected. Each time, sitting on a train or plane, I thought about the stories transport, its speed. The article deals with high-speed locomotive: from gyroscopic mono-rail and locomotives, and to train Transrapid, which could develop a speed of 400 km / h. Also argues that Peregrine advertised – it's not the newest and best design.

We give a lot of criticism. Also from personal experience, I share the secrets of how to cheaper and faster to get from Moscow to St. Petersburg and back. Immediately say, that I do not expert in the field of railway from the perspective of an engineer, but to me this topic is endlessly interesting, since I often travel a lot. If the names and characteristics you find bugs, do not judge strictly – write, make comments, and I glad everything is corrected.

Below is the full list of what will be discussed in this stateIstoriya Soviet and Russian locomotive locomotive. Able and well able to! + Is not our "Peregrine" Gyroscopic train Shilovsky. 150 km / IP chParovoz 20 -16 – 155km / h (Josef Stalin) Steam 2-3-2B – 175 km / chTeplovoz TEP80 – 160-271Km/chElektrovoz EP200 – 200km/chElektrovoz ER200 – 200 km / chElektrovoz CHS200 – 200 km / chSokol-250, also known as ES-250 – 250-350 km / chPoezd on magnetic suspension! TA-05 -200 – 400 km / chStrunny Transportation Yunitskogo – 200-500 km / chSapsan (Velaro).

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