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Business Online

Millions of people start a business in the hope that they can stand up for independence. And where is she, this independence. We are increasingly becoming hostage debts (loans) for rent, for goods for services …. No more than one man who could single-handedly up. Always need someone else there, who at least listen to your thoughts, who will hear your ideas. Too many people, telling, they say that they were able to achieve … but something always happens, someone Met.

And if it all himself, it is 10 – 15 or 20 years. Then you have no right to a family. Will not it! Ask why – I will answer, or will your loved one will help or leave, not wanting to wait for a good life. It turns out that once again no one. Here! Not runs a proverb with a sweet paradise in a hut.

At the beginning of the journey to give up many. In this regard, of course the network is always more profitable, there are people who will push and will monitor, no matter what stood in place and moving forward. Indeed, in networks, unless a person works at the bottom, you have to work longer, and the result is less than here and help, what would people rose to their feet. One trouble Networks – lazy, they spoil the reputation of the entire system. For a long time say that it is rotten system, which is based on deception. Yes it may seem that a beginner’s easier to work. This is confusing! When you have poured into the existing team, people already have, the idea of a product or service, have experience or heard about the product. So it is easy does not happen never beginning nor the end. A network has no end. Sometimes during the decay, but lacks any spark for what would all start. Why I came up with such thoughts, I now close do intway, and of course lots of difficulties.

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Approach Information

My opinion – infobiznes starts with information. If anyone has information, knowledge, experience and application of knowledge in this field has reached a high level, then surely there are people who have the experience and knowledge will be useful. There is valuable information, there is a desire to sell it – but first we need to always check whether the demand? Here comes to the aid Internet. If the search engine provides hundreds of pages on request, and hundreds of websites – hence the information demanded. You can open your infobiznes! But how? The 'organization of its infobiznesa' I divide into three major parts (each of which, in turn, consists of a small, important sub): Packing 'Knowledge' in the form infoprodukta, ready-to-use search of interesting subjects 'knowledge' of people and attract their attention to infoproduktu sale infoprodukta Anyway, all items of the project "Organization of a infobiznesa 'and most of these items is relevant subproblems are closely linked to the Internet and always – the site for infobiznesa. This site helps posetilyam find, acquire, and in some cases – and apply the necessary knowledge, plus, of course, the owner infobiznesa site allows you to make money and get great pleasure from their work, how to make a website for infobiznesa? You can learn all the technical details of constructing Site infobiznesa for yourself by searching the Internet and own the knowledge to apply, get in the end the site.

It is clear that choosing a path beneficial to those who are already well versed in saitostroitel'stva. Though of course anyone, even a beginner in programming, can accelerate the entire process – because it is easy to buy, for example, a CD with video courses or attend online training. The bonus with this self-introduction – knowledge: the programming language PHP, database, ability to work with graphic applications, the ability to configure a domain, hosting, email, etc. – A list of great. Negative Approach – time that could be spent on, say, qualitative elaboration, packaging infoprodukta, will be spent on site development. Entrust the creation of a site for infobiznesa someone who is repeatedly made. A nice bonus at the same time – the time saved, which is much more than money. I recommend everyone who has thought about his infobiznese to consider both options, select an appropriate and effective, and if the choice will be made for optimal, fast and vocational options, order the establishment of a site for infobiznesa.

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Shared Designs

Microstock mediates between the illustrator and the buyer. When the picture is sold, the photo bank of the money takes himself for what he sold it, and gave part of illustrator, which it sells. The more in demand Image Illustrator, the more money he earns. How much can you earn? Enough that would retire from work and paint the house. Examples of illustrators who work this way: Anna Volkova Here is an example of how much you can earn from the site "More or less stable income over $ 100 a month illustrator can begin to receive, when he will have more than 100-150 works in the portfolio. Now the math: 04/03 drawing illustrations per week in spare time or on weekends – for the month you have a portfolio will grow by 15-20 jobs.

At such a speed on the 'promotion' you'll need about half a year. This is a fairly free rate, if you have time, patience and desire – you can achieve these results much faster. When the amount of portfolio 500-1000 work you've boldly able to throw most of the work because it will only hinder you and bring much less money than microstocks. "Websites of microstocks: / / forum 3. You can participate in the competition prints for bags. The winner receives a prize. 4. You can register at the Moscow service Printdirect.

It allows you to quickly and conveniently in an online, create and order different products with own design. Printdirect also allows everyone, absolutely free of charge and for a few minutes to create your own online store (virtual showcase) entirely on the technical and programmatic basis Printdirect, arrange it in his style to sell in It creates products and earn it. As a consequence, Printdirect is also a growing source of original goods. There is a similar Ukrainian project There is a slight difference – Shared Designs (general design). That is not necessarily create your store. Enough to add designs to the Sharing and receive royalties from the sale of goods with your design. 5. Analogs and Printdirect abroad. / / / / / Maybe you know any more – the options for earning? Write about them in the comments. And I'll add them in the article.

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