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Harley Davidson, Marketing

From a business standpoint Harley Davidson is a special mark is a mark which has served as an example in many books and classes in the world of marketing. Why? Then why Harley Davidson is the ultimate expression of a strategy “marketiana” very special, not to sell the product but selling a lifestyle. A little history In 1901 William S. Harley designed an engine that is coupled to a bicycle, but not until 1903 that does not appear the first Harley Davidson motorcycle for sale. So do William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson who work in a small factory of wood, 3 by 5 meters. The brand name was born and is the surname of its two founders. In 1904 appears the first Harley Davidson dealership in the hand of Charles H.

Lang. On July 4, 1905 a Harley won a race in Chicago. Walk 15 miles in 19:02. This was the first race, but there have been many more. In 1906 he opened a new Harley Davidson factory and hire new employees. It is time to create the first catalog of Harley.

This is a short summary the start of the American brand has managed to overcome the difficulties and last for over 100 years. Harley Davidson has lived and has even been part of some very important historical facts. A clear example is the two World Wars. The Harley Davidson lived through the First World War in the forefront, and the company sold over 20,000 motorcycles to the United States armed forces during the war.

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