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Automotive News

The history of the automobile plant of the Lenin Young Communist League was launched in November 1930, when the factory of the Kim proceeded to assemble cars and trucks, 'Ford'. In 1940 he switched to production of small car KIM, and after the war plant, then called MZMA, let 'Moskvich-400' on the model of 'Opel Kadett K38'. Since 1956, the production line were to go to the machine of his own design. Since 1986, the factory (he already wore present name AZLK) moved to the front-wheel drive model which a number of changes is available so far. Branded logo – the letter 'M', stylized tooth Kremlin wall. The best "family" car in 2006 according to the American Automobile Association (AAA) has become Subaru B9 Tribeca. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Wells Fargo Bank. Poll held in conjunction with popular family magazine Parents Magazine. Model B9 Tribeca was developed under the concept of an SUV and the next generation of vehicles.

The car is equipped with permanent four-wheel drive (AWD) with horizontally opposed engine – this system provides stability and continuous control over the machine and superior maneuverability SUV. Subaru B9 itself grace both outside and inside – the interior interior is executed in a futuristic style. The front panel is smoothly curved in the center console controls neatly fit into the overall design, without losing its functionality. The car is capable of provide a fascinating journey along the roads and off the road five or seven passengers. Invite you to visit the Great Web – archive and download the files you need.

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Budget Funding

It had been a long time that he had been unable to accrue funding to buy new equipment, and so the new patrol cars in 2004, almost did not purchase. Yes, and technical control devices the service is extremely lacking. None However, despite the lack of budget funding, the Ministry of Interior podnakopit funds and allocated for the purchase of new equipment 20 million usd. extrabudgetary funds. Here, Paynet expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Total for the regional divisions of the road patrol services were procured 115 patrol vehicles (103 VAZ-21104, 7, Skoda Octavia and 4, Volkswagen Passat); 148 alcotester Drager Alcotest 6810, and 26 laser speed measuring devices TruCam $ 100 thousand uah. each which will replace the “Vizier”. And all this at the Sophia area of the capital was in solemnly handed over to representatives of the regional traffic police leadership mia. According to Deputy Interior Minister Viktor Ratushnyak, the ministry intends to continue to do everything possible to equip the personnel modern equipment and instruments, “to traffic police have not experienced shortages in equipment and was able to work in new ways, as in Georgia.” For this next year for the purchase of vehicles and new equipment planned to allocate from the budget of 290 million usd..

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Moscow Automobile Plant

Spare parts for domestic cars in bulk to fully supplied by the manufacturers and other companies that make car parts. This is one of the main reasons that domestic auto industry, despite all the technological shortcomings, is still afloat and compete with foreign producers. Spare parts can be purchased wholesale from authorized distributors and dealers of automobile, which is found in all regions of the country, as well as many other stores, retail outlets, on the automotive market. Read additional details here: Robert Kiyosaki. All this makes repairs affordable and reduces its cost. In addition, minor problems in cars made in Russia you can fix yourself.

Parts wholesale to the uaz supplied to all regions of Russia, as well as in other states with a manufacturing plant in Ulyanovsk. Selling parts wholesale deal as large companies, reselling items from the plant in all areas, including abroad, and small businesses operating in the regions. Large parties usually bought from official distributors, working with the plant. The need for large supplies of spare parts for uaz wholesale dictated prevalence of these cars, especially in regions with harsh climatic conditions, low population density, and as a consequence, high extent of impassable roads and lack of maintenance. uaz was originally designed as machines that could equally well be used in both military and peaceful purposes. And although Plant was founded in 1941 based on evacuated to Ulyanovsk plants of the Moscow Automobile Plant, self-development activities only started in the fifties. In 1959 uaz production has exported to 22 countries, and is still popular Russian jeeps abroad remains high. Famous UAZ-469 entered production in 1972 and the release of this model and its modifications, lasted more than thirty years.

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Transport Safety

Spot buildings and transport safety Numerous problems associated with the point of building in recent years greatly alarmed not only the inhabitants of large cities, but virtually all members of the middle and even small towns. How buildings impact point on road safety in general and what are the implications of this negative phenomenon? In connection with what, in major cities especially in autumn-winter period, we have to spend in traffic jams most of the time? What awaits us in the future? Comments on the current situation in Russia's leading expert on road safety issues Yuri Shulipa dot building and Transportation security are closely interconnected and interdependent with each other for many reasons. As we studied the objects they are very versatile, and in practice creates a number of important, contentious and sometimes, if it comes too far, it has unresolved issues that are difficult to discuss within this publication. Due to the significant increase both in size and population density of the city, traffic jams in Moscow became widespread character. Because of the ill-conceived urban policy affects not only urban thoroughfare and the small streets, but increasingly the main largest city highway, designed to relieve the city from possible traffic flows. On this basis, we consider a number of key issues for example Ring Road. In recent years, Moscow Ring Road broke the record for the rest of the city roads on the amount of time spent in traffic jams. It is not just on the very largest metropolitan highway with ten lanes with no traffic lights and technical flaw impeding traffic on a regular basis are formed many kilometers and hours of traffic jams.

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