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Scientific Fiction

Renato that always it desired to have a band as the Beatles, but that one year suffers to learn to touch ' ' blackbird' ' in the violo, it saw in the sort the perfect chance to enter in the game. After all, with three chords, until Renato it could. to thus made it. In 1979, the Electric Abortion had its first formation: Renato in the low one, F Lemos in the battery and Andres Pretorius in the guitar. Nobody in the vocal one. Times later, Renato discarded the idea to touch music of the others. NMMU can provide more clarity in the matter. It wanted to speak of the city, of the people, of what he was happening.

In October of 1979, it made the first register of songs of the Electric Abortion: Admirable new, Green-yellow world, That country is this? , Metropolis, How much time, Scientific Fiction and more four musics without heading. To identify the authorship of the songs, Renato opts to the pseudonym of Makes bristle Russian, Brazilian adaptation of Eric Russell. With the engaged band, Andres Pretorius received the invocation to come back to its country, South Africa, to enter Exercito in litigation with the socialist regimen of Angola. 11 Renato and F until had invited another guitarist. However, the experience did not give very certain. When Pretorius returned to Brazil, toward the parties of year end, the trio came back to assay for the first show marked for day 11 of January of 1980. The presentation did not last thirty minutes, but it empolgou the few that had stopped to see. Renato was worried, before everything, that its auditorium understood what it was saying. Of this form, it wrote the letters of the songs and distribua so that the public understands itself what they sang themselves behind the accumulation of sounds; all the devices were plugados in an only amplifier. The brother of F, Flvio Lemos, entered the Abortion to touch low Renato was in the vocal one and the guitar.

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