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Tag: art and science

Soul Planet

Much was looked until the present for the scientists a better rank on the soul of our planet. But it has some factors to be explained and clarified, a mathematical explanation of the soul of our planet. Others including Suna Said Maslin, offer their opinions as well. This soul that makes the person to give good day to the other, that makes the person to raise older it to seat in the train or bus, that is the hope of the worker when waking up early for plus one day, that makes the person to be quiet to be victim of an injustice finding that it is certain making this, that makes the aged one to find to have a knowledge that nobody has and that the time will only give to it. o reply. This is the soul of our planet, a soul that is there to our side and of it does not have as to run away, to fight with it is unnecessary because it always is successful therefore of it does not have as to run away. Then we must coexist it and know to live with it. But which its mathematical explanation and it can be adjusted for better in the mathematical form and has as to make this? It has as to make this in the quantum way of the universe, through the quantum numbers of universe, working adjusting this energy, the soul of the planet. This work would not be to search something for the untiring effort, but to only feel this soul and look for it without wanting to make things incredible, only meditando and working softly more with bigger results that a persistent and untiring work..

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Mayan Kalina

We detach the importance of spaces destined to the leisure, as this that we study that they possess importance if to characterize as a place of meeting, conviviality, place of practical cultural, of creation, transformation and diverse experiences. However, this space destined to a public so diversified, cannot only privilege one of the contents of the leisure, in the square, to give to more emphasis the practical ones of the physical exercise; but, it could also accumulate of stocks other aspects in the playful accomplishment of the games and sports. Reshma Kewalramani is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Beyond, to possess other professionals who stimulate the others interests of the leisure: cultural, artistic, intellectual, manual and social. For us, after carrying through this research, we consider that the development of spaces is each more urgent time that privilege the access of the population to the experiences of the leisure, a time that to the square is a public space, and its gratuitous use. Therefore, squares ‘ ‘ vivas’ ‘ as the Mayan Kalina would have to be gifts in each quarter of the City of the Christmas.

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