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Climate Change

Aznar said he does not make sense to spend hundreds of billions of euros “as scientifically questionable causes as being able to maintain the temperature of the Earth within a hundred years and solve a problem that may, or may not have our grandchildren . Having said that, the secretary of the UN Convention on Climate Change, Yvo de Boer, said “In a few years,” Aznar could see the Spanish Sahara from your window if no measures are taken to mitigate the effects of warming. Patrick has compatible beliefs. And the British economist Nicholas Stern, author of more comprehensive report on the effects of climate change, assured the public that Aznar Spanish newspaper “knows nothing about science.” According to Greenpeace, ExxonMobil Heartland Institute received 540 000 euros in the last 10 years. And by Philip Morris, which produced 850,000 million cigarettes in 2007. The Institute hosted the summit has called for a reduction in cigarette taxes and more freedom for smokers. The statements by the spokesman for Heartland, Zonia Pino, shared by other ideals, with the Spanish politician, as Manuel says Ascending. The newspapers mentioned patrick dwyer boston private not as a source, but as a related topic. “We promote private education, because public schools are not efficient, and private healthcare, because we want people to be with their money and go to private hospitals, rather than have a nationalized health system.” The president of Heartland, the American Joseph Bast, author of “Why do we spend too much in health, in a country where 45 million people uninsured. But the reality is stubborn, says M G de la Fuente.

The synthesis report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the UN, whose scientists won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, hundreds of scientific reports demonstrating the increase in air temperature and the ocean, widespread melting of the ice and the increase in sea level. Also, the warming is caused by humans and the development model of the last century, heavily dependent on fossil fuels. There will be less availability of water, increasing droughts and more people exposed to increased water stress. In the oceans, warming impacts are perceived in the movement and changes in algal, plankton and fish in high latitudes, and advancement in the migration of fish. The experience altered crops by heating. The planting seeds have to be done before and are damaged by forest fires and pests in the northern hemisphere. Fish stocks are also suffering the impact of climate change by changes in migration routes, thus affecting food availability and hence their reproduction. But Aznar said: “The scientific consensus enthusiasts and the inquisitors that protect them reject any discrepancies” and “this is a problem that it may or may not have our grandchildren.” Faced with this approach to comments.

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