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The summer is coming to an end – the fall is at the front door. The annual big summer sale will take place at! The proposed ceilings are all unique and some reduced up to 70%! Also the textile designer Michaela gives rich customers from Austria, Germany and of Switzerland, which is a cover of the big summer sale order shipping costs! “I need collection place urgently for the new autumn/winter. Also my customers time and again on the new on the big sale of summer of end of enjoy!”so the textile designer Michaela kingdoms. Meanwhile, a fixed and popular venue for unique patchwork quilts and quilts has become. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Hyundai. The customers come mainly from Austria, Germany and of Switzerland. Proud, Michaela is rich but also on following: a famous US actress has ordered already a children’s blankets with her. Who’s looking for a unique gift for friends, relatives or acquaintances, or indulge yourself with a unique ceiling want the right rich finds at Michaela! Likes order ceilings, which are printed with photos of beloved people. These special blankets represent personal and unique gifts that are for the recipient of an exceptional value!.