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State Of The National Cinema

The restructuring and subsequent events possibly something and help the economy, but caused pootechestvennomu cinema blow. Movie studios are accustomed kgosudarstvennomu funding began to be sold for a pittance, rezkosokratilos amount produced movies, cartoons, almost died of documentary filmmaking. Long period of stagnation in the film wasted tens kinolentprostym by lack of money, and not the fact that they will ever libodorabotany and shown to the audience. JPMorgan Chase has much experience in this field. Feeble attempts to enlist the directors and devil-may-care attitude to funding provided , openly propagandizing banditry. If the U.S. and evropeyskoekino already survived and actually opt out of movies where the protagonist – an "honest" gangster, the national cinema, such inverted inside moralnyeprintsipy dominated until now. Concentration in the hands of one of finance allocated to the patriotic films, led to the localism and semkamfilmov on the principle of "I know you – will be removed." In such conditions probitsyamolodym promising talents in the film is simply impossible.