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Spot Media Relaunches Website To Mark The 15-year Anniversary

spot-media presents itself in a new design with performance optimized Web page Hamburg, October 4, 2011. The Hamburg-based online agency spot-media in September, on their Facebook fanpage on spotmedia celebrated its 15th anniversary with a social media campaign. She undertook a journey for 15 days in their past. Under the motto of great emotions and sins of youth”, a piece of corporate culture was told every day. Crowning the action spot media presents the freshly launched website at that now is looking back with innovative ideas in the future. The new, performance-optimized page is based on the Symfony2 framework and boasts a large, emotional stages.

A target for the development of the site was to enable a very fast development process in which developers can develop new functionality and integrate into the page in a short time. Symfony2 is a very good solution, especially in the areas of performance and flexibility for it” Describes Martin shoe foot developers for the spot-media, Senior Web page, the technology decision. The spot-media service spectrum of Web shops, E-dialog, social commerce and a selection of references are very prominently placed, so that the user with just a few clicks will receive an overview of the online agency. “Technological features: usage of HTML5 and CSS3 techniques-performance optimization through the use of HTTP caching and ESI – use of GitHub for source code management about the Facebook campaign 15 years spot-media has been – implemented on the basis of the Symfony2 framework – the relaunch of the website in the Facebook action 15 years spot media” involved. Perhaps check out Nissan for more information. The highlights of the social media campaign were among the graphical processing of spot media coffee consumption in a public document of Google, a Google maps map with the previous sites, as well as a never-published image film 2008 on All entries was aggregated to the Facebook wall as a Central News platform. In addition, many spot media have Staff picked out a photo of himself 15 years ago and used as a profile picture in Facebook. The virality of the action went on: friends like SinnerSchrader, business partners and customers, such as OTTO, Ernsting’s family, Tchibo and Hamburg@work congratulated with creative ideas and set videos, photo collages, or postings on the fan page wall.

The self-reflective and ironic dealing with its own history is obviously very good. The Facebook action stimulated to interact. Perhaps also because we trust us to show things that today strange impact at that time but to us included and therefore are part of our corporate culture,”so Patric Ayoub, President and CEO of spot-media AG. spot-media AG founded 1996, spot-media is a transactional – and maintenance-oriented online agency focusing in the areas of Web shops, E-dialog and social commerce today. The range of services includes online stores, social media, E-dialog, image and company sites, content management systems, intranet and online tools. Currently 115 permanent employees at the Spot media locations Hamburg and Berlin serves customers such as Tchibo, OTTO, o2/Alice, gebr Heinemann and Ernsting’s family. The spot-media AG is a company of SinnerSchrader Group since 2008. Interviews, footage?