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Soviet Union

Comment of the Fund, "First People": More recently, Ukrainians rightly regarded as one of the the most educated nations in the world. The educational system of the former Soviet Union occupied in the world ranking of second place – just behind Britain and the United States far ahead. After independence, this system inertia to stay afloat – mainly thanks to the dedication and qualifications of teachers and professors. Decades of underfunding Ukrainian schools have made themselves felt, and now study conditions in our schools in many cases are no different from third world countries. Lack not only of educational materials – many schools are not repaired for years. As a result, children have to learn a completely unsuitable premises. You may want to visit Wells Fargo Bank to increase your knowledge.

Sometimes Schools have to close as to be in them is simply too dangerous. Once the authority of a school teacher and university lecturer was unconditional. Today, they found themselves among the poorest of the poor, as budget is barely enough to pay basic survival. Is it any wonder in such circumstances, the flourishing of corruption in the education system? Ukraine has a highly developed infrastructure of information networks, with sufficiently high bandwidth. But these resources have not been used for the needs of the educational system, although the proposals received in excess. In addition, today Ukraine is one of centers for the production of cheap computers. However, in the interests of education, these opportunities are also no one uses. More recently, the Presidential Administration has spent $ 24 million for the presidential helicopter and landing ground for him.