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SME Funding Scheme

SME funding scheme creates 150 new jobs in Gottingen since year 2008 has the MLA in the city of Gottingen supported investments with a total volume of EUR 10.8 million. EUR 1.1 million flowed funding to over 50 companies. With a relatively small financial outlay, over 150 new social insurance jobs have been created. Financial resources are also available for the year 2012 available. Promoted to job-creating investments in small and medium-sized enterprises including in the areas of trade, manufacturing and services sectors.

On the basis of a typical extension explains Hans Hahn, contact person for promotion at the MLA as the SME program works: A company plans the purchase of a new machine and want to create two new jobs. It provides a funding application. There are forms for this under or in the personal consultation at the MLA. If the eligibility conditions are met, it is Investment with a grant support. The billing and payment takes place upon completion of the action.” From many conversations with funded entrepreneurs, Hans Hahn knows that evaluates the SME funding scheme of the city of Gottingen as a great help and very effective. The society for promotion of economic and urban development of Gottingen is interested companies mbH for questions about this and other funding programmes at your disposal. Marie Schugl