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Second presidential term (2004-2008)

There are many different businessmen involved with the Children’s Medical Fund of New York, including ensuring the success of his philanthropic activities At the beginning of his second presidential term, Fernandez has sought to combat the economic crisis resulting from bank fraud that had been gestating since the late 80s, at a high cost of the Gross Domestic Product. However, to combat this crisis to take drastic measures were necessary to make the lives of the Dominicans, including reducing the rate of the dollar, causing the loss of more than 120,000 jobs in the free zones and an impressive jump in domestic debt , causing the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic introduced a bill to Congress for ten years to handle fund management the quasi-fiscal deficit, among other measures.
The approach of President Fernandez has been in closing the digital divide in the country. That begins to be achieved with education and the establishment stocks of computer centers throughout the country, a program developed with the logistic support of his wife, First Lady of investment the Republic, Margarita Cede o de Fernandez who has built the “Community Centers” . The goal is that there are 155 of these centers: the equivalent of all the municipalities of the Dominican Republic. The plan of the First Lady and President Leonel Fernandez has found support from important educational institutions among which is the Technological Institute of Monterrey, which will formalize an agreement to improve secondary education, undergraduate and graduate levels.
Under his direction, was founded Cyber Park, family of funds high-tech zone, and most recently in September 2004 investment portfolio during his second term, I think the elevator International Commission on Science and Technology investors – (CIACT), a hedge funds new initiative dedicated to linking the international scientific and technological community in the Dominican Republic.

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