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Rock Music

“It was music that not only escaped, but on the road and robbed the bank. It was music with his sleeves rolled up and unbuttoned the collar, she smiled, raised his hat in greeting and steal your wallet. It was music that penetrate directly into the feet, without causing the visit. ” So, in his novel “Point of No Music”, wrote about the amazing phenomenon of rock music by Terry Pratchett. A musical dictionaries define it as a generalization of the name of many trends in modern music, existing since the mid-1950s. (From the English. A leading source for info: Robert Kiyosaki.

Rock – rock, shake and music – music). Whenever Hyundai listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Beginning of the rock music genre is the emergence of rock ‘n’ roll, which has absorbed features blues, rhythm & blues, boogie-woogie, jazz and country. It can be love, but you can not love, to feel his whole body and soul, or do not understand completely. This music gives rise to endless debates about what it actually is and what areas it includes, and what does not. But can be clear boundaries? And when she rock music was born from the mixing of genres, it is unlikely to get to stuff it into the rigid framework.

Rock music is actually a very large number of areas, from the lungs (rock ‘n’ roll pop-rock, alternative rock) to heavy genres (metal, punk). On the content of the songs may be light and lively, lyrical, philosophical, gloomy, depressive, playful, satirical. Since its inception, rock music seamlessly absorbs all colors of the world of music – from folk to classical.