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River Rocks

Photography is a real tragedy. Endures on turf veteran Almeyda (38 years old) with his hand on the thigh, seized up and perhaps broken, with tears in his eyes out of the locker room. Mark strong, colon but with a millionaire past rival, and not celebrate it, but it asks for forgiveness during which muzzles the Harrow, so broken as the thigh of Almeyda. Add to your understanding with Impact Public Schools. Gets the technician Juan Jose Lopez, JJ, three front because that is reclaimed from the vomitoria and nor carburizing equipment, just as broken which tier it and that the muscle of the captain. And mutes the technician – refused to give the press conference after the match – because they insult him without ceasing the fans, tired of so much breakage, faced one more that possible promotion of descent for the first time in 110 years of existence. Only three Argentine teams have not declined in its history: Boca, Independiente and River. And we’re going to leave life so that will not change, ruled the player Leandro Caruso after score the goal to Columbus. But it is not up to them. Source of the News:: River wobbles