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Qualified Nursing Professionals

Casa Reha reported staff working in care company and the subject specialist quote Oberursel September 2011. Casa Reha informed: due to the demographic development in Germany of dependent persons to rise dramatically in the coming years. At the same time, the total population declines. The experts expect that by 2030 the over 60 years represent the largest population group. That is an increase of 38 percent compared to today. Until the year 2050 the number will have tripled almost the about 80 years with around ten million.

Growing need for care professionals, also it is considered to keep the ratio of skilled workers at a high level. Casa Reha reports on a topical issue. Because the risk of the need for care increases strongly with increasing age, Casa Reha as the entire care sector anticipates care about 2.8 million in 2020. As a result, increases the need for highly qualified nursing professionals in the coming years, predicts Casa Reha. There is a legal quota of skilled workers. Therefore, you find Support in particular for maintenance professionals”, says Norbert Hombach group personnel Director of Casa Reha. A sharp competition for good nurses has flared up after experience of Casa Reha in Germany because the labour market is swept empty and even from neighbouring European countries only a few forces are yet to win. That the skills shortage in the care is today already a reality, the industry associations studies.

You assume that currently 30,000 nurses in Germany are missing. The Rhenish Westphalian Institute for economic research, Aachen, expects by 2020 due to the demographic development and the necessary expert rate more 77,000 nurses in the inpatient and outpatient area requires. Politics, associations and companies have launched so many initiatives to attract the professional care specialist. In addition to issues of pay, training and tuition and public funding are the creation of employers by Training and working conditions in the foreground.