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! Public or Private

headquartered in Miami, Florida objective is to deliver and design a lower cost alternative which allows individuals and families to have access to high quality healthcare The House passed the bill on health reform, but with a minimum of Feedback sepacion could approve, after many discusiones.Ahora day turn it to the Senate the battle harder but hopefully good healthcare a good thing to happen to the last stage before being signed by President Obama. The person above all are people who have Medicare or Medicaid, have two arguments or fear: What are the more I listen, medical services will not be good and the country is toward socialism by the intrusion of gobierno.Es understand very well medical insurance that whoever has this service are people in need who are 65 years oh that meets the requirements of that law. Medicare is a medical service of hospitalization, medical insurance companies consultations and medications for people who are 65 years and this plan is administered by the “Federal Government”, the other Medicaid is an insurance plan administered by the “Federal Government” for certain individuals and families income and resources limitados.En the two planes are controlled and managed by the Government, these plans are just a few decades that are working, through private insurance, public clinics and hospitals they serve. So as a public health system by the government to lead the country as socialismo.Senores can think that! Donkey! Public choice is the same as the systems are health plans an option anteriores.sino publishes lowered Private Insurance premiums, copayment and deducibles.Eso is supply and demand, competition is the quality and low presios. We should have some compassion for people who are older, but they are 65 years and now have no health insurance because they are unemployed or single mind can not afford it because they are very expensive. group insurance I wanted the project is not perfect but it dental insurance is almost 100 years after the country is with this lucha.La most health plan countries of the world have public health system more good or bad health but in the way of correcting this deficiencias.En time the medical system of the United insurance States is rotten, it should be in a better way to make our country better and we can all have the same opportunities.

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