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Pharmaceutical Market

The pharmacy market in Pforzheim opened after a long planning and preparatory work your own online shop on the Internet. The pharmacy market has long been an institution in Pforzheim, and now also sells products over the Internet. The store impresses with its wide and cheap range of drugs and by his beautiful and functional design. The pharmacies history of the family Kraus begins before 1910. At that time, opened the first pharmacy in Bavaria under the name Mary’s Pharmacy in Benediktbeuern. Even then the pharmacist family was known for innovation. With the move from Bavaria to Baden Wuerttemberg in 1980, was today’s pharmacy Pforzheim. The family business is currently led by third-and fourth-generation pharmacist. In the field of online pharmacy new jobs were created. Experts take care of logistics and marketing. A move to new premises is probably pretty soon to. The acceptance by the customer is large and there are daily adding new clients. Thus, the future of the pharmacy is secured. The broad range of servicesthe pharmacy is far beyond the city limits Pforzheim known. Customers receive a detailed and expert advice in all disciplines of pharmacy. The staff of the pharmacy regularly attend training courses and training sessions to discuss current and usual competent advice. Of course, belong to the good services of the pharmacy and blood pressure, blood sugar and Cholesterinmessung.Ein Breastpump Boy and Pari nebulisers rental is offered as well as a free customer card with the customer 3% of the purchase from the range can save all Freiwahlartikel. Also in the Pforzheimer Einhorn pharmacy partner pharmacy. This is also located in the district of Pforzheim Brtzingen.