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Personal Finances

Planning the personal finances To apprehend to manage the particular finances if it has become each more important day so that the income can be used to advantage of correct and productive form that we receive for our work. It is important to remember that the monetary resources (money) that we receive, is fruit of our work, or resources received from our ancestor, therefore to know to use these resources is a question of respect to the effort for us undertaken or for those to who we respect, to who we love, or even though to our luck, for the felizardos that have the pleasure to gain money in some type of appositive. One remembers, the money must be used of wise form so that it can welfare generate and security, for you and its family and in such a way to fulfill its function. First and the essential measure, is to know which its income and which is its monthly expense. To establish these two values we will use a calculation spread sheet (click to make download of the archive in excel here). It is important that expenses are launched in the spread sheet all all prescriptions carried through during the month.

For the perfect agreement she is necessary to know specifically what they are expenditures and what is income, with focus in the personal economy. Expenditure: all the financial great expense for the attainment of products or services. Expenses are all the sacrifices for acquisition of a good or service, with payment in the act (outlay) or the future (debt). An example would be the payment of the account of electric energy, water or gas. Income: the financial entrances of financial resources proceeding from wages, retirement, applications are all, rent, received donations, or other sources of resources. Understood these concepts we go to pass to the survey of all the income and all the expenses.