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Our mission is

Our mission is focused on projects in which we can express the Psychology from clinical issues, labor, educational and social. This is why we have designed projects such as the Conference Cycle of Psychology, The Magazine “Point of Synapses” and the Short Cycle “Desenrollate. The 3rd Conference of Psychology Cycle: Findings various themes such as “The application of Rorschach, NLP, Conflict Management, Diversity and Education, among others. The magazine “Synapse point” consists of articles which aim to happiness or self-realization and, Advertising and Stereotypes, Bulimia, academic stress, drug use, alternative therapies, among others. Furthermore, interviews, news and current affairs. The 1st Cycle Short Film “Desenrollate” raises the topic “Academic Life Radiography. The aim of this program is that participants enfoncadose graphing student life at the meetings and misunderstandings that occur in day to day. Representatives of the School: Sandro Giovanazzi (Director), Francisco Gamboa (Chief Race) and Jorge Frega (Academic Coordinator). Representatives for Level: (1st Level) Luisa Palacios – Melisa Irarrazabal, (2nd Level) Valeria Fuentes – Thiare Ortega (3rd floor) Camila Varas – Sussy Aquez (4th Level) Trinidad Pinilla – Hector Acevedo (5th Level) Cristobal Gonzalez – Jose Shu. Project Teams: Joseph Shu (Project Coordinator) Johan Herrera (Management and Finance) Draft magazine “Point of Synapses” Macarena Fuentes Romina Fuentes, Hector Acevedo, Sebastian Araya, Marybell Barrios, Catalina Guliaew. 3rd Cycle Project Conference: Cristobal Gonzalez, Hayles Leyton, Trinidad Pinilla, Constanza Flores, Carlos Huerta. Short Film Project “Desenrollate” Orders Emmanuel, Sebastian Tapia, Valeria Fuentes, Camila Gonzalez, Daniela Pastenes, Johana Donoso. We hope more people join, participate and contribute with ideas for the CEP continues to grow. Joseph Shu Santander Psychology Student Council Representative School of Psychology – University of Santo Tomas, Sede La Serena

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