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New Vienna

It is a social construction as any other, we assume. Not only that, but the rush are a first-class socializing. The sons and daughters gets them hurry to get to school early to catch the bus to pick up the toys, computer programs,and computer games, the rush is a constant in the education of children. It is not disposable by the fact that 40% of Spanish children suffer from stress as a disease and another 10% depression. Let us add to this data on traffic accidents, mainly among young people, to be in 87% of cases speeding. Rush is a dynamic element, a symbol of efficiency and we just sacrificing for their achievement, as in other times he sacrificed life the gods. Haste is a form of belief, which we so inside that is already part of our being. In the world of work is established, with Taylorist models of production, efficiency, ie the efficiency per unit of time.

What it meant to organize in a certain way to apply industrial employment was in the interests of efficiency, the service sector, then the same consumer, who organized the function of time. A pioneering example was scheduled to travel twelve hours to go Paris, New Vienna, and visit several countries in seven days chain taking photos and leaving a record of having been there. a Today computer games are based on achieving targets in time units increasingly faster. Gradually a efficiency is one way of producing and consuming. Also to live. a Notice that information from a library of Japan would take at least five days to get it, we can get online in seconds.