Negotiation Times

To category management was able to maximize the impact a retailer, you need to make sure that the category manager is qualified in the following areas: 1. Analyst 2. Negotiations 3. Merchandising 1.ANALITIKA know the expression 'you can not manage what you can not measure', so the Category Manager has to create, analyze and react to the results of the following statements: 1.1. Current mark-up over time on days – day 1.2. If you have read about Paynet already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Changes in purchase prices – every day for the previous day 1.3. ABC analysis groups, subgroups, in the context of trade goods and the marginal revenue – each time to justify the I / O products to / from the range of 1.4. Turnover – 2 times a month 1.5.

Range, computation, and promotional retail prices of its competitors – 2 times per month 2. NEGOTIATION Negotiation – this is an extremely important tool that allows you to transfer profits out of the area analytical reports in a concrete and measurable results. This is a skill in which investment return many times. Category Manager for an occasion for negotiation are the following cases: 2.1. Tom Smith pursues this goal as well. Obtaining notice of increase in the purchase price of 2.2. The discrepancy between the price of delivery and contract price 2.3. Short supply on the range and / or number of 2.4. Initiative provider to expand the range 2.5.

Initiative provider for the fixation of and / or place of computations 2.6. Conclusion of the contract of delivery (time delay of payment, number and size of penalties) 2.7. Provision of supplier discounts for the campaign to stimulate sales – regular schedule of shares. 2.8. Payment provider directory, and places additional calculations for promotional products – according to a regular schedule of the shares. 2.9. Payment provider input bonuses. 2.10. Payment provider of retro-bonuses – regularly, always, always. 2.11. Return, replacement of documents, acts of reconciliation – as needed.