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Mutual Funds

Types of funds of investment there are different types of investment funds, or saving cash through banks, cajas, or the Mexican stock exchange. It is important to know the type of mutual fund that most suits your needs. Mainly we can give you a rating of three different types to funds of investment: 1.-debt: are funds that invest in debt already is public or private such as CETES, for example. 2. Equity: this is the most common type of investment funds. It consists of investing in speculative markets such as the stock exchange, for example. This type of investment fund usually give better performance than the debt but involves a greater risk. 3.-Coverage: these funds are in which is invested in foreign currency, already was euros or dollars. Once it takes into account the different types of investment funds, can choose which best suited to your needs so that your investment is as safe and profitable as possible. M.Marin employee of Hold’em partners original author and source of the Article

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