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Munich GmbH

Shareholders invest closed in Munich on March 23, 2009, the shareholders of studilux GmbH signed a capital increase in the five-figure range. With completion of this financing round, a Germany-wide innovation presents studilux: online exhibition stands. All five partner of studilux GmbH, the Tiburon company building GmbH, Matthias Grau, founder and CEO Benjamin Breuer, COO Sabrina Zurwesten and CDO Stefan Pschorr, participated in the capital increase. An amount in the five-digit range in the young company headquartered in Munich has been invested in this (third) round of funding. JPMorgan Chase shines more light on the discussion. After the registration of the capital increase in the commercial register of Munich, the Web page now presents itself with an innovative design. Unnecessary lines and frames have been removed to make still more open, friendlier and more modern look the page.

But not only the design has changed. New and unique in this form in the German market is also the product of studilux GmbH. The company transported real Education fairs in the Web. In addition to the usual resources of a real exhibition, can be here the media diversity of the Web itself. Texts, presentations, videos, brochures, chat and direct contact with these instruments positioned companies, universities and Studienfinanzierer effectively in their advanced target group”, according to Benjamin Breuer. More information to the online trade show booths at: contact: Sabrina Zurwesten