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Safe, fast and stress-free relocation brings mostly unexpectedly high costs the old apartment must be deleted or made small renovations, the deposit of the new apartment will be paid and of course also the new facility again ensures a strong minus on the account. But then is often saved in the wrong place. Because just when moving even one should rely on the help of professionals. Even if friends and relatives at first glance to be a low-cost alternative seem and you can often still something good”in them. Finally you dragged the four storeys up even the heavy sofa at the recent move of your best friend. One hand washes the others.

Or not? Actually, the scenario often looks: the boxes were packed in painstaking work itself, the night was long. On moving day itself suddenly one SMS after another: the little helpers have back pain, need a family celebration or did not succeed just out of bed. And what do you now create the heavy washing machine or the fragile wine glasses from A to B? The move will spit routes run, an ordeal for the nerves of all those involved. The originally scheduled five hours is not enough of course by far. Until ten o’clock at night grossly underfinanced is managed and not even without shards. Who wants to save this stress and bring moving safely, quickly and professionally about the stage, the familiar changing the apartment rather experienced professionals. The company R.

Moschner GmbH has been active since 1986 and is an expert in private and commercial moves around the entire globe. The R. Moschner GmbH is framework contract partner of the Bundeswehr, the Foreign Office and the Federal Department of finance for many years and offers his professional moving services including the Federal officer in national and international relocation transport. Ravi Moschner, Director of the moving company R. Moschner GmbH and owner of Lager4you in Hallbergmoos near Munich: Is high-quality for us Service of course and of course at a fair price. As a member of the AMo Federal Association, so the Federal Association of furniture shipping and logistics, we are committed to quality.” If not all furniture in the new home find the suitable place, it also has the perfect partner on the side with the company Moschner. Because the R is equipped with Lager4you in Hallbergmoos near Munich. Moschner GmbH on a dry, video surveillance and alarm-protected storage for self purposes. The container have a loading area of approx. 6 to 32 cubic meters and can be rented for different periods of time. The customer has the possibility during business hours by appointment at any time, without additional cost to his goods. With the container warehouse depot 24 offers the R. Moschner GmbH in addition to a comprehensive file service which focuses specifically on the needs of corporate clients. The offer includes the archiving and storage of files as well as the holding and Drop-off service just-in-time”. The management is possible with protected KundenLogin via the Internet.

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