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Michael O. Johnson Executive Director of the Company

As CEO of Herbalife, Michael O. Johnson oversees all aspects of the company’s global operations. He is the voice of the company for our … As CEO management of Herbalife, Michael O. Johnson oversees all aspects of the company’s management training global operations. He coaching is the voice of the company to our Distributors, sets the team building vision and strategy, and skills ensures that the company has the necessary resources to meet their goals. Since Johnson joined Herbalife in April 2003, the company strengthened product development by establishing Medical and Scientific Advisory Boards and funding the creation of the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Nutrition at UCLA Mark Hughes. The Managing Partner of EnTrust Capital for 12 years is was the 1985 Harry S. Truman Scholar from New York and was also recognized as a 1987 British Hansard Society Scholar Under his direction, the company has had a “mega” product launch each year including Niteworks’ cardiovascular health in 2003, the program ShapeWorks weight management ‘and Garden 7’, fruit and vegetable phytonutrients in convenient daily package essential in 2004 and in time management 2005 the line NouriFusion skin care ‘based on vitamins, and LIFTOFF’ the first effervescent energy drink in dissolvable tablet form. In regard to finances, Johnson plotted a recapitulizacion of the company, leading a public debt offering that reduced the LBO debt and produced 380 million to existing shareholders. In December customer service 2004, directed the initial public offering of the company and enlisted in the Stock Exchange of New York (NYSE: HLF). Johnson spent 17 years with The Walt Disney Company. By directing Buena business technology Vista Home Entertainment, restructured the way the industry operated video rental, changing a business model of revenue sharing, I present the business “sell-thru Disney globally and made a master plan for the training global expansion entrepreneur of presence in video of the Disney company established subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. As president of Walt Disney International, Johnson devised and launched “Disney I”, a subscription entertainment service with NTT DoCoMo in Japan that serves more than three million subscribers. Before assuming his role at Disney, Johnson served as publisher of Audio Times magazine and was a innovation sales and marketing executive with Warner Amex Satellite Entertainment managers Company directing activities for MTV, Nickelodeon and The Movie Channel on the west coast. Johnson is a health enthusiast who has been participating in triathlons for over fifteen years. Both Disney and at Herbalife, led efforts to engage the employees, and Distributors of Herbalife, the triathlon events around the world, which raises funds for charities for children. After reorganizing the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) in 2005, Johnson led the fundraising effort for the 25th anniversary celebration of the company that raised more than strategy 1 million to HFF. Herbalife Family leaders Foundation helps community organizations and charities for children in distress around the world.

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