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Maria Adela Mondelli

In the moments that you feel that your willingness to continue without a partner falters -mandates are strong and this can happen you by convinced you’re living this experience-it will only be necessary to recall the hundreds of constraints that you had when you were in that situation. Do or go to a restaurant, order a delicious food and good wine and sit to observe couples to your around: do neighbors are which are really happy to share this time together?, do few even talk animatedly? and which remains in absolute silence during the entire dinner?, you hadn’t noticed before this?. Thought: is that the couple that you just have?. That different couple that dream, may not ever if you’re not before other than you were. Being without a partner, don’t have why be alone when you don’t want to be so many men and women couples are deeply alone remembers when your same it felt being thus accompanied. Friends and friends, family, and even yourself, can be an excellent company when you feel that being alone is not what you want today.

What the children are an obstacle? in any way. It can be even a chance to devote yourself to a different maternity leave, without codicionamientos, only agreement between you and your children is not renege on the couple relationship, is not only acknowledge that the relationship is not what we think it is when we are alone give us account that the couple is that we live in when we were in couple, and provided that we can not be other than where we were, that unsatisfactory way of the couple will be repeated in relentless way. It’s that if we do not delve into ourselves, we do not amigamos with us, our relationships will always be what they were who here brought us. It’s only who may be alone in fullness, can be fully with other.