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Management Company

The Management Company provides one or more managers, partners or not, those who account in all matters relating to their object. The managers can not engage self-employed persons, the same kind of business which is the subject of society. Managers and administrators enjoy the special general powers of legal representation for the sole merit of his appointment. Managers may be removed from office by resolution passed by simple majority of the capital, except when such an appointment had been provided the social pact, in which case only the courts and may be removed by fraud, fault or inability to exercise (Art. 287 , Law 26887). Responsibility of Managers.

The managers respond to society for the damages caused by fraud, abuse of authority or gross negligence. The society action for damages against the managers requires prior agreement of the partners representing a majority of social capital (Art. 288 , Law 26887). Mine managers. Managers of the SRL can be removed at any time. The decision must be taken simple majority of the capital. Where the appointment had been manager of the social status can only be removed legally and deceit, guilt, or inability to exercise cargo.Si the appointment of the manager was a condition in the social pact agreed by the partners in response to conditions personal manager, the decision by a simple majority is not sufficient for removal Expiration Responsibility Manager Civil Liability expires two (2) years of act done or omitted by it, without prejudice to the liability and redress for directed, if applicable