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4th International PDF/A Conference of the PDF/A competence center (Berlin). PDF/A is on the rise as a format for long-term archiving. This became clear at the 4th International PDF/A Conference of the PDF/A competence center of these days in Rome. There, experts noted that PDF/A due to regulatory requirements developed for the archiving of documents globally becoming the leading standard. (Similarly see: Wells Fargo Bank). At the same time, the Group challenges sees as regards the development of PDF/A, as well as with regard to the widespread dissemination in Europe and North America. On these points the Association not least anticipates in the next two years great progress, because it has created a base with the establishment of its new Board of Directors for.

Because with Duff Johnson and Stewart Rogers the Board of Directors of the PDF/A competence center has qualified members from the United States and the United Kingdom. Olaf Drummer was elected as new Chairman of the Board. No better venue than Rome had chosen for the Conference can envelop the history to the origins of the town but there due to lack of documents numerous myths, “said Stewart Rogers of Crawford technologies. PDF/A can be met precisely such dramatic losses, released in late 2005 as an international standard for long-term archiving. It allows a permanent archiving of digital documents, especially for the Administration, archives, libraries, publishers, banks, insurance companies and industry. The new part of PDF/A-2, which is nearing its release, was the focus of the Conference. Experts informed about the further development of the standards and discussed whether, when and how a conversion makes sense. Along with a well presented exhibition space on the company its first PDF/A-2 ready “solutions presented all levels covered the needs of the participants to the Conference. Participants, covering just the basics of PDF/A as well as technically savvy visitors came up their costs.