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Inhouse Business Goppingen

Women in the IT industry – wallpapers – opportunities – risks on 17 October an event for young women was held within the framework of the nationwide women’s economic days in the business House in the Park of the Hohenstaufen. The organizers and speakers, among them Michaela Buhler as a student of the company zeta software, delighted many and especially interested party. According to the motto fascination IT-wallpapers opportunities – risks “invited the organizers of women economic days 2008” young women in the business House in the Park of the Hohenstaufen, Goppingen. The programme comprised also interesting lectures, which allowed a diverse insight into the discipline of IT. The meeting room in the business House in Goppingen was filled close to 30 visitors, mostly girls. But some young men dared, to the surprise of the organizers to this year’s event of the women’s business day. The visitors got a glimpse into the diverse industry by speakers from five different companies.

Then was informed in the evening and discussed what makes a woman in the IT industry. Among others, Michaela Buhler reported what software zeta now for over a year as a student in the IT industry in the enterprise is active, to act on their personal experiences in the male-dominated. To some, the opportunity to provide interested visitors of the event in the business House, close”to find out what’s behind the different IT occupations, contact information for a Schnuppnachmittag in the company were exchanged. So the speakers look forward to a renewed clash with the potential offspring IT learning.