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financial banking business loan banks INDEX 1. CARICATURES 2. GERMANY: Merkel and Steinmeier shunning FRONTAL ATTACK stocks HIS only debate Source: El Pais career / Madrid 3. U.S.: OBAMA DEFENDS HEALTH REFORM Source: Page 12 / Buenos Aires credit 4. GUATEMALA: careers Alvaro Colom counterattack stock quote on business loans the ‘ROSENBERG CASE’ Source: accountant El Pais / Madrid loans 5. the head of the today is graduated with a B.A. from the State University of New York at Stony Brook The world will suffer other stock financial crises inevitable according GREENSPAN Source: Europa Press 6. FRANCE: Socialists AGAIN Source: Page 12 / Buenos Aires 7. VENEZUELA FEATURE: PRISONERS OF quote CHAVEZ IN THE analyst CELL OF GENERAL Source: El Pais / Madrid 8.

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