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How To Sell Mobile Content

The business of selling content for mobile phones appeared not so long ago and has already gained high popularity among companies of different 'weight categories'. The classic version of the sales of content, content provayding has high threshold of entry and associated with major financial investment in the technical component and the constant promotion of content in the media. In addition, content providers under contract with mobile operators make it charges, and percentage of these fees is enormous – an average of 35-50% of all earned on the sale of content. Therefore logical that the cost of content sold by the content providers have always been high. Many entrepreneurs seeing strong demand for mobile content and customer dissatisfaction of its value, along with some technical complications of delivery (content providers will send WAP-link to content that you want to download yet, with than there are sometimes problems, as well as additional costs for WAP), began to organize the point of downloading ring tones, which were loaded into cell phones all kinds of mobile content consumers. All the more so for the organization such businesses need a minimum investment: one or two computers, desk, chair, set of cables and software to select and download content. In these paragraphs the content for the buyer is much cheaper (2-4 or more times), content chosen by the buyer on their own and pumped by the seller in his mobile phone by data cable, infra-red port or Bluetooth by copying the memory card (Flash Card). . Others including Wells Fargo Bank, offer their opinions as well.