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Hotel Price Comparison Portal Appoints Martin Sanford To The Executive Board

News from the beds hunting Germany GmbH beds hunting Germany GmbH was originally founded by Sebastian Pempelfort and Robert Elsner in September 2007. Due to the sudden death of Sebastian Pempelfort beginning of 2009 Robert Elsner led the company and the Board of directors until today alone. Now Robert Elsner has brought reinforcements for the team of now supports and manages Martin Sanford the company that provides Internet users with the free and independent price comparison of hotels, bed and breakfast, vacation rentals and other lodging possibilities in the Internet as another business leader. Martin Sanford is a graduate in computer science with a focus on web-based information systems. As a freelance software developer and project manager, he was previously involved in the development of Internet platforms and served as managing partner the link Ltd., an operating company in a social bookmarking application. Since August, 2009 Martin Sanford is already as a senior software developer and Manager active area of technology of beds hunting Germany GmbH. With his appointment as Managing Director, the company makes a further step for a successful future.

The year 2009 was a very important and crucial year for us. The objectives were achieved and in addition meets. The course with the extension of the Management Board has been set for the coming year. We are optimistic about the year 2010, to continue the success of last years\”, as Robert Elsner, CEO of beds hunting Germany GmbH. More info on the beds hunting Germany GmbH, as well as current special offers of the hotel price comparison spor Valley are accessible on the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/bettenjagd.

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