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Global Economic Crisis …

As you all know this crisis started in the United States of America to mortgages. For many years the property values were rising constantly, therefore the business was quite profitable, and banks to increase their portfolios of customers reduced the criteria or conditions for granting mortgage loans, and can thus reach other target. Parallel to that, and in order to have cash flow and continue, the bank has mortgages with financial instruments called mortgage-backed securities that were sold in the financial markets in the world with other banks, pension funds, insurers and investors. The whole problem began when property prices stopped rising and in some cases began to drop.In view of claims that were awarded with few guarantees for the acquisition of property, and often paid to people who were unemployed or did not credit conditions, and many people realized that lowering the value of homes owed more money to the bank than their properties were worth, then stopped paying their mortgages.This ocacion that holders of mortgage-backed securities began to panic and sell their bonds, causing a stampede of sales, bringing as consequences of these bonds have been sold for up to 35 of its value. Faced with this crisis and the economy (internal) moving further Australian Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has taken a series of measures, including increasing the First Home Bonus of 7,000 to 21,000 and from December 8 give some Christmas bonuses to pensioners, who have children ( 1,000 each) to the disabled, among others.

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