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German University

What students choosing their course should pay attention for the majority of students is the academic education with a Bachelor / diploma yet not to end. Instead plays according to master study 2012 “the possibility of a subsequent master’s degree for many graduates already in the decision for her undergraduate studies an important role. At the same time only a few State colleges and universities can offer sufficient master places for their graduates, let alone for graduates of other institutions. Private universities, which do not depend on public subsidies, contribute here, to ensure the future viability of Germany through the qualification of sufficient specialists and executives. Those who are interested in a master’s degree, selection criteria such as labour market-relevant curriculum and flexible study systems are important.

Motives for a further master’s degree are 2012 according to master study trend barometer Higher education”technical interest and the prospect of better career and income opportunities. At the same time, demand is often greater than the local offer double graduates and the Elimination of German armed forces or civil service for master study. More and more graduates of State universities therefore interested in a master’s degree at private universities. It can only confirm Nicole Capelan, the Director of the career center of the German University: originally, we have developed our master’s degree immediately after their Bachelor and diploma degree for a master degree own graduates. Today, but also more and more graduates of other higher education institutions opt for a master’s degree at the DHfPG. Firstly, the issue of prevention and health management through the skill shortage in Germany and the growing health consciousness as the study content is always interesting. On the other hand I hear in discussions, that interested parties due to lack of enough master places on their own College other master offers look at. Since our College demand-driven sets up their university places, we can enable a master’s degree all graduates with a Bachelor and diploma degree in a similar field of study as our Bachelor degree programmes (fitness economics, sports economics, health management, fitness training and nutrition counseling).” Important criteria for the choice of study the human resources officer advises prospective students regardless of whether it address itself to a Bachelor’s or master’s degree, sure that enables to study labour market-relevant content good entry and career opportunities: our school offers education partner of the employers Association of German fitness and health equipment (DSSV) for example special fields of study, which are tailored to the requirements in the growth market of prevention, fitness, sports and health.