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German Products

With the new Fund of the NPL investor GmbH & Co KG first given the opportunity is interested private investors, to invest their money in a very young, but still fast-growing market. You’re tired with all products comparable”to be? Want to can you offer their customers a truly unrivalled product? Well then you should continue reading now. For 20 years, we are in the distribution of investment products. Of course, not all of us have also works products sold to the customer. For many products, the time has shown that the required protection of the capital for the customer has simply lacked.

Some plant located in hindsight as too speculative and too many non-modifiable factors “depending on showed. Many products were and are but also honest products. We have been physical gold”sold, as many had not yet recognized this hype, as a result many of our customers have money of course also good. It should be also. Earlier this year we then caught up with the German society for Grundbesitz AG of Leipzig at the table. Included in our discussion we have the Internet portal”, to get also expert advice from a third party. Us the product NPL “fascinated, due to the actual security for the applied capital of customer and revenue opportunities. We have not had even a such fair and good combination in the last 20 years in our product portfolio.

Then we have set together with our attorneys about a product design. One of the best and fairest products which you can currently draw on the capital market is come out from our point of view. The NPL name debt Verschreibung the F + F financial investments from Leipzig. Initial customer discussions have shown that our product is exactly what the customer is looking for. Transparent security with good yield. Are you looking for something for your customers? Then you talk to us about a distribution agreement. Admittedly, we don’t pay commissions utopian, because our product from the cost side is produced almost unmatched on the Market. Mr Hartung is pleased about your phone call or a visit to our homepage